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Jarvis vs Floyd Mayweather spar ahead of Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament.

Jarvis vs Floyd Mayweather: A Look Into Camp

Jarvis vs Floyd Mayweather – The catalyst that saw Jarvis return to the ring as one of the High Stakes Tournament fighters, setting the bar for competitors to be announced in the upcoming weeks. His announcement teased his ambition to fight some of the industry’s biggest names.

We’ll finally find out who the best YouTube boxer is. A few people will feel my hands this year. Some have been on my hit list for a while.” – Jarvis

Jarvis made his debut in Influencer Boxing in June 2021 during the first Social Gloves event, where he defeated Michael Lee with a second-round knockout. Despite an 18-month hiatus, Jarvis’s return caused a stir online.

Jarvis Signs Multi-Fight Deal With Kingpyn Boxing for High Stakes Tournament

In a recent YouTube video, Jarvis can be seen training at the renowned Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, where many world-renowned boxers, such as Gervonta Davis, Rolando Romero and Floyd Mayweather, have trained. Jarvis is coached by Otis Pimpleton, the former coach for fellow YouTuber and pro boxer Viddal Riley. Otis has a successful career training fighters like Juan Heraldez, Lanell “KO” Bellows, Thomas Hill and Michael Hunter.

On the day after his announcement, Floyd Mayweather released sparring footage on his Instagram, taunting his sparring partner, who was later revealed to be Jarvis. Floyd’s fans had no idea the sparring partner was a YouTuber with only one fight to his name, instead, they believed him to be a pro boxer with a career deserving of Floyd Mayweather.

The YouTube star’s impressive performance shocked both his fans and boxing purists, with even Joe Rogan praising his ability during one of his Podcasts.

The kid is a decent boxer… The kid had an excellent account of himself.” – Joe Rogan

Whilst Jarvis has had a prolonged period out of the ring, It’s fair to say Jarvis has kept his foot on the gas, improving in all aspects of boxing.

Jarvis’s next challenge will be the High Stakes Tournament, the world’s first influencer boxing tournament. He must prove himself on the big stage against some of the scene’s toughest competitors. With only two months until the fight, it remains to be seen if Jarvis’s time out of the ring will affect his performance or if he will come back as a refined fighter.