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Aneson Gib vs Austin McBroom Rematch or Revenge Kingpyn Boxing High Stakes Tournament

Aneson Gib vs Austin McBroom 2: Repeat or Revenge?

The highly anticipated Aneson Gib vs Austin McBroom rematch is set to take place on April 22nd, 2023 at the OVO Arena Wembley, presented by Kingpyn boxing. This is one of the quarter-final matchups in the Kingpyn High stakes 8 man tournament.

To the surprise of the audience and online spectators Gib and Mcbroom were matched by a random draw, live at the Kingpyn Launch Event on March 12th.

The live match-up sent shockwaves through the internet will many fans calling the randomised rematch ‘fate’. The feud between the two YouTube superstars is one of the longest-standing narratives in Influencer Boxing. To fully understand the scale of this match-up, first, we need to understand how the feud began.

Aneson Gib vs Austin Mcbroom on Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament Youtube Boxing

The grudge began at the 2021 Social Gloves event: TikTok vs YouTube in which Gib faced off against TikTok star Taylor Holder. The fight was controversially declared a majority draw, despite being judged as 49-46, 49-46, and 50-46 in favour of Gib.

The decision was later overturned to a unanimous decison win for Gib. The controversy was labeled as “Human Error”, however Gib decided to pursue his redemption with the owner of Social Gloves – Austin McBroom.

On July 7th 2022, Gib announced he’ll be seeking revenge against the man he believed to be behind the controversial decision. Aneson Gib vs Austin Mcbroom was official and set to take place at the second Social Gloves event.

The first fight between McBroom and Gib took place in September 2022, with Gib emerging as the victor. The fight was watched by millions of fans around the world and is considered by many, one of the best Youtube Boxing fights in history. Gib won by KO in the fourth round, after a hard-fought battle that saw both fighters show incredible heart and determination.

Six months later, McBroom released a 24-minute video to his YouTube channel titled “My Untold Story…” detailing that McBroom was ill during his fight with Gib.

In this behind-the-scenes YouTube documentary, Austin is seen struggling with the symptoms of COVID during the day of his fight. McBroom is seen using an IV in order to go ahead with the fight.

Gib immediately took to social media accusing Austin of openly cheating in order to gain an advantage in their first fight.

“That’s performance-enhancing drugs! He was injecting before he walked out!” – Gib

This has sparked a conversation around how much better Mcbroom will be at full health and if the fight will be a repeat or revenge.

At the Kingpyn Launch Event, Austin McBroom was revealed live as one of the mystery fighters, with many fans hoping to see the rematch during the tournament. What fans didn’t anticipate is that the rematch would happen sooner than expected. During the tournament draw, Gib randomly picked Austin McBroom as his opponent for the Quarter-Finals of the Kingpyn’s High Stakes Tournament. This caused fireworks at the Launch Party with clips of the two exchanging heated words circulating the internet.

The rivals traded words when they faced off once again in the tournament draw.

“I’ve got better IQ, you’re getting smoked, and it’s repeat. You haven’t got no easy fight coming in, you’re facing me and you’re getting smoked.” Gib

All I’ve got to say is, you won’t get lucky again because I won’t be sick. I wish you the best of luck.– McBroom

 You were suffering, you were suffering. Everybody was screaming for you, ‘What’s happening to him.’ You was suffering.  Gib

For fans of YouTube boxing, this rematch is a must-watch event. Not only is it a chance to see two of the biggest stars in the sport face off once again, but it’s also a chance to witness history in the making. This is only the second time ever that we have seen a rematch in YouTube boxing, and the first time that it’s happened as part of a tournament. Meaning that only one of these two tournament favourites can advance into the semi-finals.

For those who want to witness this historic event in person, tickets are available through both and With the fight taking place at the OVO Arena Wembley, one of the most iconic venues in the world of boxing, this promises to be an unforgettable night for all who attend.

In conclusion, the Aneson Gib vs Austin McBroom rematch is a fight that boxing fans simply cannot afford to miss. With so much at stake and both fighters eager to prove themselves, this promises to be an unforgettable night of action and drama. Be sure to secure your tickets now and witness history in the making.


APRIL 22ND 2023


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APRIL 22ND 2023