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My Mate Nate Kingpyn Boxing High Stakes Tournament Fighter

MyMateNate: 3-0 Thai Youtube Star & Tournament’s Dark Horse

MyMateNate, the American-born YouTuber who resides in Thailand, has amassed an impressive 13 million subscribers on his channel, earning him the nickname “The Mr. Beast of Thailand.”

Despite being relatively unknown to western YouTube boxing fans due to his content being in Thai, Nate has become a superstar in the East, with his fights garnering over 16.6 million views on YouTube.

Nate’s entry to the High Stakes Tournament went somewhat under the radar, with many fans questioning the signing. In addition, Nate’s happy & unassuming demeanour has surprised other fighters in the tournament, with many stating “he’s too smiley”. 

However, Nate’s boxing record speaks for itself and he’s certainly not to be overlooked. The Thai superstar has been desperately waiting for his opportunity to join the ranks of his fellow competitors and he’s sure to come prepared

MyMateNate Kingpyn Boxing High Stakes Tournament Signed Fighter & Thai Youtube Star

Nate’s boxing career boasts an undefeated record of 3-0, putting him on par with popular YouTube boxers such as Aneson Gib, Logan Paul, and Salt Papi.

In his debut fight three years ago on the Thai platform IDOL Fight, he secured a TKO victory against Kyutae Oppa. One year later, he went on to win a decision in a gruelling bout at the 10FIGHT10 event, organized by the National Broadcaster of Thailand, Workpoint.

For his third and most recent fight, MyMateNate returned to IDOL Fight in November of 2022. Nate faced Tack Pharanyoo in 16oz gloves and a head guard. Despite wearing heavy protection, Nate managed to break his opponent’s nose, resulting in a trip to the hospital for facial reconstruction surgery.

Nate’s latest victory by TKO made him a dangerous opponent for many. His technical boxing style, precise punch selection and unassuming character make him the undeniable dark horse for the High Stakes Tournament.

My Mate Nate vs King Kenny on Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament Youtube Boxing

Nate’s first pick during the tournament draw at the Kingpyn Launch Event tournament draw was King Kenny, whom he respectfully faced off with on stage. 

The upcoming matchup between Nate and Kenny has sparked much debate among fans. Both fighters possess similar fighting styles, relying on their jabs to keep opponents at bay while looking for counterpunches on the back foot.

In the last year, Kenny quickly gained respect and recognition from YouTube boxing fans for taking on tough opponents in 6’4″ southpaw FaZe Temper and the revered FaZe SenseiHowever, Kenny has recently been under scrutiny for his tentative performance in his previous fight, leaving fans questioning his abilities.

Kenny has openly stated he’ll be letting his hand fly in this tournament, promising fans more entertainment in the ring. Meanwhile, Nate’s natural movement in the ring and boxing IQ has left fans in awe, but his performance without head guards and in 10oz gloves remains a mystery.

As the fight approaches, fans wonder if Kenny will prove himself by securing a KO finish, or if My Mate Nate will cement his place in the influencer boxing scene. The outcome of this highly anticipated matchup will be determined by the performance of both fighters on the night of the fight.


APRIL 22ND 2023


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APRIL 22ND 2023